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The Original...

Talk Like A Pirate Day

All you ever need to know about Pirates...

Interactive game

Get Yer Name Me Pirates...


The Basics...

Ahoy, it's the Basics

Talk Like A Pirate Ye Landlubber...

Pirate Monkeyness
Pirate Speak
Post Like A Pirate
Aussie Pirate Translator

More Bands O' Pirates...

National Geographic

Widgets & Things For That Thar Computer...

Mac Widget - Talk Like A Pirate

Piratical Fonts - a great selection of free fonts

Free Pirate Fonts

Pirate Supplies

PurePirate.com - Huge selection of unique pirate supplies including shirts, party supplies, toys, car decals, and gifts.

Lesson Ideas

Ahoy Matey Narrative Writing plan, with handy links.
Pirate Lesson Ideas
A Pirate's LIfe : This is a fabulous on-line interactive to teach 'Summarizing' as a reading comprehension strategy. Ideal for whole-class teaching if you have an IWB or dataprojector. Just log into the Student's Area (or get a key - it takes seconds) , and drag the Summarizing icon into the book.
Pirate Theme: Loads of ideas, Including the poem by R.L. Stevenson, a compass rose, designing a Pirate flag, and more.
A Pirate's Life Too: A whole page of pirate links, stories and songs and famous pirates.
Pirate Colouring Pages: For ECE and Y1,2.
Pirate Links: http://www.geocities.com/mrsjacksonsclass/pirates.htm A list of links to pirate-theme lesson ideas.
Pirate's Theme Page: List of classroom activities, including online stories, and a webquest.
English Pirate's Page: Comprehensive list of Literacy links.
Make a Pirate Map: Step by step instructions - great for a reading activity

Pirate Maths

Place Value Pirates
The Mystery of Pirate Ringold's Lost Treasure
Treasure to Ship
Cannon Balls
Pirate Swords
Treasure Map