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pirates and piracy - bo of ideas and sheets

Zip file of activities from last years TLAPD

I use GPSr and plotted some GPS points around the school and then sent kids .hi off treasure hunting - I used my own GPSr and a borrowed one from our DP - my kids are 8&9 years old.

Visual Art

Sketch yourself as a pirate.
What would you be doing if you were a pirate?
What would you wear?
What would you look like?
Would you have a parrot? A Ship? A band of merry men?

Take a digital photo of your artwork and then upload it to your class blog or this wiki!

Make Yourself A Pirate

Take a digital photo of yourself using the laptop or digital camera.
Place your photo into a programme like Kid Pix.
Add features to make yourself a pirate - hat, compass, parrot... what else can you think of?
Save your image. You could print it, upload it to your blog, this wiki or use it to make a blabberize(see further down the page)!

Pirate Rules

Even Pirates had rules... The Pirate Code Of Conduct was very important.
Read some examples here.
Imagine you have your own Pirate ship and crew - What would be your Code Of Conduct for your pirates?
Create a poster or glogster showing your Code Of Conduct.


Treasure Map

Take an area of your school and create a map of the area - you might like to use grid paper to draft your map.

Use wet tea bags to stain the paper and leave it in the sun to dry.
Get a black and red marker or vivid to mark in your map.
Decide where you would place your treasure and mark it with an X.

Google Sketch Up.

Design and create pirate ships using Google Sketch Up. Fantastic for exploring 2D & 3D shapes, rotation, reflection, translation, positional language & spatial visualisation.

Pirate Clothing - Flickr

Search for an image of a great pirate.
Upload the image toflickr - don't forget to use a link back to the site or search for Creative Commons images.
Use the note tool to leave notes over your image of all the things piratey!

Skype Call / Video iChat

Set up a Skype of Video call with a classroom who is listed in the Band O' Pirates.
Practice your pirate speak or show/share some of your work!

Visual Language

Pirate Flag - The Jolly Roger

Here are some examples of pirate flags (Jolly Rogers).
Design the pirate flag that would fly from your pirate ship.
What symbols would you use to show what makes you the best pirate?


Head over to Blabberize and create your own pirate avatar.
Use an image from the internet (don't forget to credit it!) or your own pirate artwork and make it speak pirate!

Pirate Visual Dictionary

Create a class pirate visual dictionary - brainstorm pirate words as a class.
Take an A4 page - write your word and the definition for it.
Illustrate your word.
Collate them altogether for your very own Pirate Visual Dictionary.

Don't forget to add your wordshere!

Wanted Poster

Choose a pirate from the list below and create a wanted poster for them.
Take a digital photo of your artwork and then upload it to your class blog or this wiki!





National Geographic: Pirates - Black Beard
Captain Kidd
Piracy, Looting,
Captain Kidd

Build a pirate ship for your classroom

We got some big boxes from Harvey Norman, chose the biggest, sketched out the ship in chalk and then painted it.
I'm going to keep it in the classroom as a quiet reading spot.

external image IMG_0690.jpg
planning the ship

external image IMG_0692.jpg
initial painting done

external image IMG_0693.jpg
cutting and highlighting done

external image IMG_0695.jpg
3 pirates ...